Colonization is the process that used to establish a colony. There are many attributes that contributes to the success of colonization such as power, weapons, currency, etc. Colonization is an attribute that sometimes influences capitalism. Capitalism is an economic system that is based on private ownership of capital- this  generates wealth. Capitalism plays an essential  role in colonization; many times it is the result of colonization. When people colonize they need to generate wealth, this is where capitalism comes in- they take ownership of their land and use their resources to generate wealth. A great deal of labor must occur inorder to make capitalism successful, colonizers often get less powerful people to do this labor. Colonization and capitalism walk hand in hand, they have been partners in crime in the past and they will continue to be in the future. For example, capitalism played a significant role in the colonization of the Americas- slaves were the esstenital tool that was used to generate wealth for the Americas. There have been similar situations like this in today’s society. For example there was a scenario were Walmart has been accused of only hiring foreigners so that they can pay them as little as possible. Walmart is making a lot money but they are paying their workers next to nothing. There are also many workers in sweatshops across the world who are being paid very little to manufacture products for very wealthy companies such as Nike and many other similar companies. Colonization and capitalism have a very bright future; it is sad to say this, but these two attributes help to create lasting and prosperous countries like The United States of America.