I worked with Brooke and Latayia, our religion is called Beyoncism. Beyoncism is a monotheistic religion, we worship Sasha Fierce. Our biggest holiday is on September 4 and it is called B-Day, on this day we celebrate Beyonce’s birthday. Beyoncism originated is Houston, TX, Beyonce’s hometown. Every morning one must pray the Halo prayer which is one of Beyonce’s songs; this prayer should be said at 4 a.m. and 4 p.m. every day. At 9:04 p.m. the prayer is then changed to Ave Maria which is another beyonce song. In order to be a true follower of Beyoncism, must fast at least twice a month; you may drink nothing but natural organic fruit juices for a week. Everyone is required to workout everyday for at least an hour. They must workout in 5 inch heels or higher, focusing heavily on cardio.
The commandments are as followed:
1. Thou shall not hate.
2. Thou shall pay bills.
3. Thou shall confess.
4. Thou shall not bug.
5. Thou shall not give into temptation.
6. Thou shall not think you got it like that.
7. Thou shall not leave me wondering.
8. Thou shall know when he’s got to go.
9. Thou shall move on to the next.
10. Thou shall get your party on.
11. Thou shall say my name.
12. Thou shall know she can’t love you.
13. If thou shall wait, then thou shall stay.
14. Thou shall cherish life.
If you do not follow every rule in Beyoncism you will be cursed for life with the looks of Raspuita from Norbit.