The debate between the ideals of W.E.B Dubois and Booker T. Washington is one that is discussed and analyzed in great detail by a significant number scholars. Both Washington and Dubois have stong arguments when they stand alone; they validity of those points are only questioned when they are compared to each other however. Which debater has the better argument? Is it Washington, the debater to believes that blacks should gradually work their way to obtaining positions of power? The one who believes that blacks should find dignity in doing manual labor and that they should assimilate themselves in a white functioning society (Washington). Could it be W.E.B Dubois, the debater who thought of the Talented Tenth? The one who believes that if ten percent of the men in the African-American community received a higher education and shared his learnings with the people in his community, then the race would grow stronger(DuBois) . After reading and analyzing both positions I came to the conclusion that if these two men were to just sit down and discuss their positions with each other, they would realize that they were fighting the same battle with different weapons.  I think that both of the men could have combined aspects of each argument to reach a more profound solution to the Negro Problem. I don’t feel like the debate was necessary because it highlighted divisions in the Negro race; some people may have taken the side of Washington and others may have taken the side of DuBois. Whichever side people chose to agree with, it did not united our race in any way and it did not solve the Negro Problem. Do you think that this argument was necessary? Do you think that the situation could have been handled differently? If so, how do you think it should have been handled?