Akilah Beasley
WISE College Composition 105
September 16, 2009

The Museum of the African American Experience is an extraordinary museum with an extensive amount of African American history. This site was established for audiences with interest in the history and achievements of blacks. The museum uses only visuals to enlighten people about the struggles, triumphs, rejuvenation, and achievements of black people.
As I explored the second floor of the museum, I found many exciting exhibits. There were visuals of black astronauts, the Buffalo Soldiers, the Black Panthers, Angela Davis, black athletes, the Negro baseball Leagues and Jackie Robinson, as well as many other interesting people in African American history. The pictures were placed in a strategic order which allowed me to make connections between each figure in each picture. When I looked at the wall that displayed visuals of the Black Panthers and Angela Davis I was able to infer that she participated in their revolution without having to read a paragraph about her.
There was also a section that focused on the Negro Leagues. The pictures allowed me to assume that they were underprivileged players with very humble beginnings because of the condition of their uniforms and the way their surrounding environment looked. Jackie Robinson was also highlighted; his solo picture allowed me to conclude that he was a star player.
The Museum of the African American Experience offers an understanding and appreciation for African American history. Visitors are able to view the history from a different perspective– one that does not use words; this allows them to analyze the visuals and to infer the history that is being illustrated. In my opinion, the quality of the museum is amazing; it is perfect as it is.