Akilah Beasley

College Composition 105 WISE

December 11, 2009

  In Retrospect: College Composition 105

During my first Semester at Clark Atlanta University I was able to enroll in a program called WISE; this program focuses heavily on improving writing skills and incorporating the use of technology in the classroom. The program makes both English and History courses parallel to each other. My College Composition 105 WISE class accounts for the English portion of the program. This class was one of my most significant classes because I was able to learn and write about many different aspects of history using technology as a key resource for doing such. This course allowed me to ponder all of the attributes that makes a civilization prosperous, explore life through an avatar, and use CMS format for the first time.

 Technology played an enormous role is this course; we spent all of our class time on the computer every time we met. Most of our work was done on the computer, we played computer games that reflected aspects of history and we were able to do creative assignments based on those games. This aspect of the class often confused me; I was never good with technology, many times during the course I felt as if I were in a trance because I did not know what was going on. I was able to catch on to the flow of the class eventually however; I’ve become more computer literate now that I’ve completed this course. Although I am not a fan of technology, I was thrilled that all of our assignments were submitted electronically. We were able to view all of our grades, assignments, announcements, and assessments were posted on a web site called WebCT.

 I enjoyed writing essays for English. Each of my writings allowed me to explore history from an uncommon angle. I was once allowed to be an Emperor, managing my own civilization. I was able to create an avatar and view life from an animated version of myself. All of our assignments were creative and fun. I was able to explore history, technology and grammar in one class. Over all I believe that my writing skills have improved tremendously. I have issues with using commas in inappropriate places. I believe that if I could perfect that flaw I would improve as a writer even more. My professor has helped me realize this problem by highlighting my flaws in the track changes of my essays; now that I am aware of this flaw, I aim to refine it.

  I loved being in College Composition 105; this class was one of my favorites and I believe that my performance in this class was good. I look forward to taking the second part of this class next semester and being a second semester WISE student.