Hello my name is Akilah Beasley, i am a freshmen at Clark Atlanta University. I major in early childhood education. I wish to create my own performing arts elementary school with a major concentration on the art of dance. I will eventually build on to the grade level for my school each year and eventually make it into a performing arts school for grades K-12. I am a very determind and hard working young lady. I believe in having an opened mind; i am open to change therefore I believe that this characteristic helps me to develope as a person.

I’m like a circle in a room full of squares, I am hard to compare and rare.I am a very complex person– who doesn’t come with instructions. I like for people to explore every aspect of my personality before they label me. I love kids, food,music and dance. I do not like stress, therefore I isolate myself from any form of negativity. I have many goals that need to be achieved. I am not into the same stuff most my peers are into; I’ve always been on a different level. I am a very focused and determind young woman. I have an extremely tight circle of friends, I don’t let to many people in it. My family comes first, then my good friends– others just don’t make the charts.I’ve made so many mistakes in my life but I’ve learned from all of them. I  analyze myself often and I am not afraid of being wrong. I believe that an unexamined life is not worth living, so I evaluate everything that I am presented with and i try to right all  of my wrongs.  I am still learning and growing; trying to make my next move my best move ♥♥♥